Thursday, October 12, 2017

Curse of Chief Wahoo lives on...

The Indians fell short again. Spectacularly. Against the hated New York Yankees. And once again, I told you so. The Indians will never again win a World Series as long as they retain their name, and especially their offensive mascot. It's time to rebrand the team. All but the most masochistic bigots will agree.

Friday, May 26, 2017


Did you think we left? That like so many, we abandoned South Euclid and moved to some backwater in Geauga County? Think again. We’re here and intend to stay and will continue to point out wrongdoing when we see it.  

Lately things have been looking up in South Euclid. Oakwood is nearly finished and almost filled to capacity. The last parcel of Cedar Center North has been sold and will be home to a Planet Fitness gym. My wife has already pestered me to join when they open. The shopping plaza at Mayfield and Green which has been an eyesore for decades is being rebuilt. That’s all well and good. But there are also the things that don’t make the news. The houses on our street are better kept up than just a few years ago. Occupancy is up. Vacancy is down. Fewer homes are being torn down.

Not all is perfect. Many of our roads look like they come from the 3rd world. Too often I see walkers tossing trash on people’s lawns. Or not picking up after their dogs.  Or driving with their radios WAY too loud.

But there is good news for Ward 3.  Ed Icove is stepping down.

Hallelujah! That ambulance chasing clown has caused more misery for more people than you can imagine. Icove lives in one of the fanciest homes on South Belvoir from where he lords it over us little people. Ward 3 voters will finally be able to choose between two new candidates. As residents of Ward 3 we are very happy to hear this news.   

So far two candidates have stepped forward. Curtis Orr and Sara Continenza. 

Curtis Orr is a retired Cleveland Police Officer. Cleveland’s PD has gained a reputation as one of the worst Police Departments in America. But wait, you say, “Isn’t Curtis Orr African-American?” To which we respond, “Do you think the corruption in Cleveland’s Police Department is limited to white cops? Or to white bureaucrats like the morbidly obese and disgusting Steve Loomis? Think again. Because Curtis Orr suffers from the same character flaw that many Cleveland cops do. The same character flaw that Ruth Gray suffers from as we demonstrated here, here and here. By the way did we mention Icove is one of Ruth Gray’s besties? Curtis Orr thinks the law applies to everyone else and not to him. A 5 minute search of Cuyahoga County Court database records uncovered repeated unpaid bills and state taxes. As recently as this year, he still owes the State of Ohio unpaid taxes badly enough that the state has taken him to court over it. And he wants to be a guardian of our tax dollars? Gimme a break!
The last thing South Euclid needs is another ex-cop in office. We’ve got one in the person of Mike LoGrasso and he’s as slimy as Donald Trump. His unpaid debts have been well documented in the Sun Messenger.  Then there’s that loony Charles Turner who also used to be a cop. Maybe Turner and LoGrasso have some kind of cop turf war going on because you should see how they go after each other at council meetings!

In the interest of objectivity I also did a court record search for Sara Continenza and found a seat belt violation from 2012. It’s plain stupid not to wear your seat belt. But big whoop.