Saturday, September 27, 2014

Will the REAL John J. Currid please stand up?

Aww gee. The Sun stole my thunder by endorsing Sunny Simon. But for your amusement I'll post these shots from John Currid's own facebook page and website. Don't believe the Best Cuyahoga feel good crap he spouts. Here's what John J Currid really stands for.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

FLASH: Heights drug-dealing Activist cops plea, gets slap on wrist


After over a year vowing he would fight drug trafficking charges to the bitter end Garry Kanter agreed to a plea bargain in exchange for a reduced sentence. Garry was caught in early 2013 with 59 marijuana plants and 5 pounds of hash oil. Not even someone with Garry’s insatiable appetites is capable of smoking that much pot on his own so this was clearly a case of “intent to distribute.”

Nancy Margaret Russo who’s known as one of the most passive aggressive mood swingers to ever sit in a judge’s seat accepted the plea and was nice enough to give Garry a slap on the wrist.

In exchange for his guilty plea, Kanter had to turn in 3 cell phones, 2 digital scales and a gun. Again, if he didn’t “intend to distribute” the pot he wouldn’t have been weighing it so carefully. Garry will be under probation for 1 year and can only use his car for business related driving. I hope Garry understands that business driving does not refer to the “business” he was just forcibly retired from. But I hope he can find a steady job and pay down all those credit card and tax debts he’s run up. See for yourself at the County Court Database. Maybe it’s time to reestablish debtors prisons?