Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Congrats to Chief Nietert

Congratulations to South Euclid Policy Chief Kevin Nietert, who has been sworn in as President of the County Police Chiefs Association last week. This is another merit for South Euclid’s police department, which has been singled out for effective, compassionate service. It’s a far cry from the shenanigans coming from Cleveland’s Police Department. They make a practice of hiring cops who’ve been fired from other departments, like Timothy Loehmann who shot Tamir Rice. Then the CPD and their flatulent obese union president Steve Loomis try to sweep the story under the rug. Contrast that with South Euclid’s Police Department which is a model of openness. Which regularly posts officers’ body camera videos to their facebook page.

But you wouldn’t believe it based on one disgruntled resident: Charles Turner. Turner is a Vietnam veteran and retired University Heights cop. Turner regularly protests outside city hall and speaks at city council meetings. I should say “blathers on” at meetings. Even meeting regulars who are critical of the Welo administration roll their eyes when Turner approaches the mic. He’s been repeating the same story at meetings and in the media for the past 2 years. Turner claims that Chief Nietert ordered a cop to use a South Euclid squad car to harass him by pursuing him at 60mph on Mayfield Road. Turner has been unable to produce any witnesses or a single piece of objective evidence to corroborate his story. This despite the fact that he regularly stands near the corner of Mayfield and Green and also at City Hall holding signs accusing the Chief of police brutality and Mayor Welo as being unfair to veterans. Turner also posts on as Citycrew and chuckthecop. He even created dialogs between them as if anyone believes that Citycrew and chuckthecop are two different people. Still no one has come forward to support Turner’s claims. That’s because the incident never took place except in his troubled mind. Of course since South Euclid is the location of two Purple Heart Homes with a third on the way Turner’s accusations about Mayor Welo and veterans are easily refuted. Chief Nietert has declined to comment on Turner’s charges. Mutual friends tell me he doesn’t have the heart to bring negative publicity to an obvious victim of mental illness who wants to inflict his delusions on the rest of us.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Susan Miller, typical Greenie

It's no surprise to anyone who's observed events around here that Susan Miller of Cleveland Heights is a member of the Green Party and has made a field day of bashing Democrats for years. 

Those who've had the displeasure of meeting Susan Miller know that she's a typical Green party member. Doesn't bathe on a regular basis because that would waste water. She's against fluoridation and a chain smoker which would explain her halitosis and bad teeth. Like most Greenies I've met she's deeply racist, hates the blacks moving to Cleveland Heights, hates the Indian doctors at the Clinic.  

Some people are worried that angry delusional fools voting Green are going to cost Hillary the election the same way Ralph Nader cost Al Gore the election in 2000. I'm not one of them. At least 90% of Bernie's supporters are now with Hillary. Meanwhile loads of Republicans are running from Trump, most to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and some to Hillary.

There's Susan Miller in the white shirt about to drop a cigarette stub on the sidewalk outside South Euclid city hall. Some greenie, huh?