Friday, April 3, 2015

FLASH! Heights side of Oakwood sold to HAC

This information was published in the Heights Observer on March 30.

The Hebrew Academy of Cleveland is in the final stages of buying the Cleveland Heights side of the old Oakwood Country Club. The HAC has signed a letter of intent and will probably finalize the deal within the next couple weeks. A new school will be built to house about 250 students grades 1-6. The HAC hasn't said whether they will preserve renovate or demolish the old clubhouse.

Fran Mentch has yet to issue her usual fatwa or maybe she's given up caring. Not a peep from any of the other usual suspects either. It appears they really were all in it as lackeys for the dying Severance Center.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Regal Severance closes

The slow death of Severance Center continues. The Regal Cinemas and IHOP there have closed. Useless idiots like Garry Kanter and Fran Mentch will doubtless blame this on Oakwood Commons even though it has no theater. But I've never seen any of Regal's auditoriums at Severance more than 1/4 filled since they reopened 15 years ago. In an ironic twist, Cleveland's Film Festival is currently underway.