Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Goodwill, worse than Walmart

In case you haven't heard, Goodwill is moving into the former Walgreen's at Mayfield Road and I-271.

Goodwill is a horrible company exploits the disabled by paying them less than minimum wage sometimes as low as $1.40 an hour. Their wage structure complete with high paid executives makes Walmart look like a paragon of corporate generosity.

Here's where I call out the hypocrisy of the Citizens for Oakwood clowns. They picketed and protested about Walmart's low wages and benefits but will say nothing about Goodwill. When Walmart moved from Cleveland Heights to South Euclid they cried "POACHING", yet said nothing when Fitworks moved from Hilltop Plaza to the old Catalano's up the road.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


We are disgusted by the rioting in Baltimore. It accomplishes nothing positive. When we view footage of buildings aflame and cops being assaulted it makes us all the more grateful that we live in Cleveland. Police brutality should be condemned and addressed. That will happen in Baltimore and in Cleveland. But unlike Baltimore the citizens of Cleveland know how to protest peacefully without riots. The rioters are "lawless f---ing animals".