Saturday, March 5, 2011

More lies from Fran Mentch

When it comes to stretching the truth, Fran would have been a good match for Joe Goebells.

Her latest round of lies:

Look at the slideshow.  The pictures show the paving over of a wooded area.  But gound has not even been broken at Oakwood yet.  Where did these pictures come from?  All over the internet.

Fran also trots out her old "they're buiding a WALMART."  "OH, NOOOO!"

There is no evidence a Walmart is planned for Oakwood, although Fran and her minions have been propagandizing about it. 

I love her line about how the 21 acre park is to be built at "taxpayer expense."  Well, DUH.  Who would pay for that Metroparks you keep saying is in the cards?  Does Metroparks money grow on the trees you want to chain yourself to?

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