Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Talk to the hand, Joan!

Joan Spoerl has published a letter in the Cleveland Heights patch noting the “dozens of felled trees” at the old Oakwood Club. Joan has set forth a series of “requests” which you can read at the link.

The sheer arrogance of this woman. Joan spent hours and money behind the scenes opposing Oakwood Commons. Now she thinks she’s in a position to dictate how it should be built, who the retailers should be, and even has the gall to demand that stores hurt by Oakwood be compensated! Joan honey, after the flyers you & your neighbor Susan Miller sent out slandering Mitchell Schneider’, after the vandalism of his signs, after how you did and continue to do everything in your power to stop his development in South Euclid and Cleveland Heights - do you really think that he’s going to listen to YOU?

Talk to the hand!